How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet.

How to replace a kitchen faucet – There are many faucet problems can be solved by a simple replacement project, such as leaked faucet, loosening connection, and also malfunctioned faucet holder. In overall, any errors and broken of the faucet can be solved by replacing the whole unit of the faucet. And no matter what the symptoms you have, when it comes to replacing a kitchen faucet one has to be extra careful for not damaging the sink and faucet port instead. Because if you do, then things should be more complicated and difficult to handle. In that case, you probably have to call the experts for some help. But if nothing is wrong with the piping system, it should be possible for us to replace the kitchen faucet ourselves.

The first thing you must do is turning off the water connection. Shut down the water flow and this usually can be done by turning the valve off. Check below your kitchen sink bowl and you will find a valve available for turning on and off the water flow. After that, you may open the faucet to release pressure remained inside. This is important though as since that strong pressure may cause injuries to anyone working on it. This simple step may even avoid you from unnecessary troubles later.

Depending on the model and make of your faucet, you can uninstall the faucet in so many ways. If you have troubles figuring out the way to uninstall the faucet, you may read the instruction given by the manufacturer. For the conventional modern faucet with two connections attached, you will need adjustment wrench and a pair of locking pliers to disassemble the connectors between the faucet and plumbing pipe. Once it was done, you will also be required to reattach the faucet from the sink and this can be done either from below the sink bowl or above, depending on the sink model and design.

So now you have removed the old faucet. Just before you put the new one for installation, you’d want to clean the sink surface first from any dirt and remained residue just to make sure you’ll have excellent installation process. Also, if you happen purchased the faucet with different model and design than the previous one, you may want to first measure the distance between holes at the faucet port on the sink. This is important to make sure the new Kitchen Faucet will fit into it perfectly.

Once you see it fit perfectly in the hole, you can start the installation procedure. Just remember to install the faucet exactly as instructed by the manufacturer. Read the tutorial carefully so you won’t miss a point or two, which in some cases will cost you extra cash for damage repair due to leaky connection or others. If this is the first time for you, asking a friend or two for some help may be a good idea. You can accomplish the job on your own while being supervised by those experienced in the field. Well, learning how to replace a kitchen faucet won’t kill you and it let you know what to do when bad things happen to your kitchen faucet.