5 Beginner’s Mistakes To Avoid In Drawing

As a beginner if you are not able to understand the mistakes that you are committing in drawing, it can steady down your progress in learning. If you want to improve on your drawing skills and redeem the mistakes you have made so far, you are at the right place. In this article we share with you 5 of the most common mistakes that beginners make in drawing that are to be avoided. The idea is not to make you realise these mistakes that you are making but to help you grow out of them.


1. Putting Pressure On The Pencil

When you start drawing with your pencil make sure that you do not use a lot of pressure on it. When you do that you might not realise but you are actually damaging the texture of the drawing sheet. And the effect of the same will be seen in your drawing as well. This is why try putting less pressure on the pencil when you are drawing on paper. If you want to have more control over your drawing, take as much time as you want to build up your drawing. This will also help you to add value to the drawing in the right way.

2. Establish Rich Darks

Unlike charcoal, graphite is not rich in dark so trying to create a really dark effect can be quite a challenge. See how you can add depth and value to your drawing by focusing on making rich shadows where need be. The idea is to play around with light effects in the drawing so as to make it look as real as possible. This can have a huge impact on your drawing which will make it stand apart from an ordinary drawing and will prevent your drawing from looking flat on the paper. You could use your eraser as much as you want to create the right kind of shadows and lights but make sure you have control over it.

3. Outlining

A solid base for your drawing is by creating the outline for it. However, in doing so you need to understand that outlining is not the same as scribbling and do not need too much pressure on  the pencil. The outline is for your comfort in the drawing. Hence do not kill the depth of the painting by making hard lines. The touch of realism will be lost from the drawing in doing so. As a practice, you can do a painting from your photo. Outline objects so that you can understand how to distinguish and separate the many elements in the drawing but as mentioned before, keep it light and prevent from using hard lines.

4. Paper Quality

If you feel that you are not able to draw in the right way, it could also be because of the quality of the paper. If you are using cheap A4 size sheets you might have a difficult time trying to make a good drawing and your end results will also not be as your expect. In addition to that, adding textures in a bad quality drawing sheet also becomes a difficult task. Make sure that for the purpose of drawing, your sheet is more than 70 LBS. Don’t go for smooth papers because they will prevent you from adding value and textures to the drawing. Medium textured papers are ideal for drawing purpose and also make it easy for you to have control over the artwork.

5. Add Shapes, Don’t Scribble

There is a difference between drawing lines and scribbling lines. You need to have idea about how to make shapes and add value to them. For example, imagine you are making a tree, you have to learn how to objectify the element and see what details will be required in it, instead of randomly scribbling something in the name of a “tree”. You might think your scribbles will be a representation of leaves in a tree, but you will only end up making a mess of it if you do not know how to get shapes right. Even minute elements such as leaves require detailing and you have to know how to give definite value to shapes.


The changes in this article can only come when you start practising religiously. You will realise it yourself how your sketches will improve over time. This minute details might look simple to you but when it comes to executing them, we often tend to lose track. Drawing requires a lot of practise, precision and patience. Only then can the end result be as expected.

How To Decorate Your Home For Party

House Party

We all love parties but the cost of throwing a party stop us from even thinking about it. You don’t want people to think that this guy is way off his budget (and out of his mind) because you have created a mess. A perfect balance is required to throw a party people won’t forget and we are here to help you out for that. With our tricks and tips you will be left a hell lot of money in your pocket.

You will want to have a huge buffet in addition to a dessert table. This expensive taste will never let you throw a party according to your budget. One thing you can do is curate your own dishes where you will save lots of money.

House college Party

*Nature will do the trick

Nature will dazzle you and will surely keep your budget in check. Placing some chairs and tables will go in a long way to ensure that the place looks decorative too.  This trick can only be pulled off when you know exactly how many people are expected.

The basic requirements are one dinner table or may be two depending on the number of people. Then you will need one table for drinks and this table will cover most area as you will be serving liquor to the whole party.If you want to keep coffee in the option then ninja coffee maker for the kitchen will do the trick.Then the chairs come in and this will be set up according to your needs. This whole set up can be customized according to your needs and the customization is only limited by your imagination.

*Airy Surprise

Who doesn’t have balloons in their party? Balloons look good and have a distinctive colorful charm around them. If the party includes children, then go for bright colors. And if the party has more mature people coming, then you should probably stick to one or two colors. If you want to add some music to the party, you can organize a karaoke party for everyone and best karaoke machine for party will do the trick.

A lot of tricks can be done with balloons and this includes them tying to the ceiling and you can also scatter them on the floor. You can make different shapes with them and even make the birthday number or name with them.

*Candles will do the trick

Candles are loved by everyone and this will create an amazing ambience around the place. Different shapes and sizes will do the trick. Candles will create ambient lighting around the place and will surely light up the mood.

*Keeping it casual

Party can also proceed without tables and chair and setting up an atmosphere on a floor will do the trick. Just set up some pillows and couches which will create a casual atmosphere. This will probably save you loads of money.

These are just a few tricks that will brighten up your party and will save you a bunch of money in the process. The party when done this way will be remembered for a long time.

What We Should Do if the Kitchen Crashers Come Over in Our Home

Our kitchen is indeed isn’t the right place to welcome our friends since usually they’re welcomed in our living room. However, many times our close friends come over into our home and directly get into our kitchen to see us and grab a can of coke to chat with us in the kitchen. In this case, therefore, decorating our kitchen has become as necessary as decorating our living room since it would be a total embarrassment if suddenly these kitchen crashers come into our messed up kitchen.Kitchen-crashers-location

Actually, we have so many ways to decorate our kitchen and make it looks good but it would be a good idea if we start by ensuring that we have a clean kitchen. A clean kitchen is a simplest and modest way to make our kitchen comfortable for us and our fellow kitchen crashers. By keeping the kitchen clean and well treated will give an image of beautiful kitchen interior, which at some points become something that is pursued by many homeowners out there.

It’s perhaps necessary to add dining chairs and table in our kitchen but we must make sure that we have enough space for that. The presence of dining table will certainly make us and our kitchen crashers feel more comfortable to have some chitchat in our kitchen. If you have a large countertop in the kitchen area, the best thing you can do is to buy several chairs and put them around the countertop to create versatile space to hang out with friends or family while doing your kitchen chores.

Remember to make sure that we choose the finest dining table quality which is durable so we can use them for a long time and to avoid the repair costs. Choosing the right style or model for our dining table is also necessary so we can make our kitchen looks stylish and we can impress our kitchen crashers. In this case, we need to know set the theme and style of our kitchen in advance and match the dining table with our kitchen style and theme.

If our kitchen comes in modern style then we should choose the contemporary dining table which is quite popular recently. Besides, these contemporary dining tables usually come in minimalist design which definitely is comfortable for us to hang out at. Well, it doesn’t have to be expensive and luxurious. Even simple chairs like bar stools should be enough to accommodate them at the best.

Installing the right lighting models will also be able to impress our kitchen crashers but we also need to select the lighting model that fits with our kitchen style. The minimalist lighting model would create an elegant look that will perfectly impress our kitchen crashers.

The kitchen mats perhaps are often underestimated by most homeowners. If your kitchen crashers often visit your home then it’s necessary to set the kitchen mats to keep your kitchen clean since some kitchen mats may absorb fluids so if the kitchen crashers spill some orange juice then you can absorb it using the kitchen mats.