6 Trends in sustainable decoration for your home

Faced with the consumer society in which we live today, more and more tendencies are born that try to fight to protect the environment. The latest ‘ecofriendly’ trend that is becoming more and more current is closely related to your home, with a sustainable decoration that you can put into practice to obtain all its advantages.

In addition to caring for the environment, sustainable decoration allows you to save both in the short and long term. Flee from disposable furniture and decorative objects that wear out quickly or go out of style in a short time, because we tell you how you can put into practice the most eco-friendly decoration in your home to celebrate World Earth Day.

We analyze the 6 main decoration trends that adapt to the eco world and that you can start to include at home with little effort.

Recycled furniture

The antique furniture can have a second life with just a little makeover. Reuse that furniture that you already have at home or get some charming second-hand pieces.

By recycling furniture, we are reducing the environmental impact of its production. Change the color, the design, or add some detail to make them totally different, and in addition to having a unique piece in the world designed by you, you can also save a lot of money.


Bet on wood to decorate your house. It is the most durable material, which can be put to a thousand different uses.

There is nothing like the beauty of wooden furnishings and furnishings. This season the trend is to reuse old wood, as little treated as possible to make it look more natural.

Natural fibers

As durable as wood, they are natural fibers that you can use in many decorative objects. From textiles such as rugs, to unique pieces to simply decorate or to make your life easier and more comfortable.

The fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool, esparto grass and bamboo are super resistant and highly breathable. The investment is a little higher, but if you choose basic and useful elements, you can give it a lot of use, practically for life.


Combining with your wooden furniture and other natural decoration objects, plants will create an ideal atmosphere in your home. You don’t need much more to have a haven of peace, using them in any room.

From edible plants in a small garden for your kitchen, to large plants to decorate the bedroom or living room. Some varieties of plants can help you control humidity and bad odors in your home, but in general, they all have the advantage of purifying the air in the environment.

Natural decoration

Nature can become the best decoration store for your home. Take the opportunity to add natural elements that are fully recyclable.

Natural stones such as granite or marble for the kitchen or bathroom countertops, metals and glass among other noble materials, avoiding above all synthetic materials that are the opposite of an eco-sustainable home.

Low consumption lamps

Given the care of the environment and the economy of your home, what about betting on low-consumption light bulbs? It is time to take the step and change all the lamps in your house for much more ecological ones. And do not forget to recycle the old bulbs in their corresponding clean point!

Energy-saving lamps illuminate more and consume much less energy. They also have greater durability and are environmentally friendly. They have everything to be the perfect lamps, so from Tajarat properties we encourage you to take the final step and make a more responsible consumption.

With these sustainable decoration ideas you can enjoy your home much more, making it more welcoming, sophisticated, and at the same time respectful with the environment.

Create an eco-friendlier atmosphere in your home to enjoy it with your whole family at any time of the year, with natural materials and a decoration that can bring you closer to the natural environment.

It is not just about fashion, but about a lifestyle that sooner or later we will all have to resort to. Do you sign up for sustainable decoration?

How to create your reading corner at home step by step

Any lover of reading has ever dreamed of having that haven of peace at home where they can enjoy their favourite volumes comfortably and without distraction. If you still don’t have a reading corner at home, it’s time to indulge yourself, because it won’t cost you much time or money.

On the occasion of International Book Day, our team of interior designers give us the keys and tips to make a reading corner adapted to each home. It does not matter what space you have available at home, because there is always a space to be able to place a comfortable armchair in which to spend hours and hours reading in privacy.

Where to put the reading corner at home?

The first question we ask ourselves when we want to decorate a space for reading at home is where to place it. The exact place does not matter, since each home is different; the key is to find the ideal space, which can be in any room in your house.

The most common is to make a reading corner in the living room or bedroom. But if your room is too small, or if the living room is already too crowded, surely there are other spaces that you can take advantage of.

What about that space under the stairs? What if your kitchen is spacious and bright? Maybe you have an office where you can make a space to read your books. Find the perfect place to get down to business with your reading corner.

Natural light

It is very important that when locating your reading corner you find a place with natural light. This is the best option to read avoiding that your eyes get tired, and surely you will be able to concentrate better.

Next to a sale, let it be a place where you get a comfortable temperature, at any time of the year.

Once we have found the site, we go with the choice of the most important piece of furniture: the armchair. Choose an armchair or armchair that is comfortable to be able to spend hours sitting, and if it is with a matching footrest, much better.

It should be an armchair with a comfortable but straight back, in which you can have an upright posture so as not to end up lying down and hurting your back. Place it so that you can take advantage of the natural light next to the window, preferably with your back to it or slightly tilted.

Side table

You will need a place to put your books when you finish reading, and of course, also have all your supplies at hand without having to constantly get up. Small and functional, make the side table match the decor style of the rest of the set.


To read also at sunset, or even on those gray days when there is less light, a lamp is another essential element for any reading corner. You have two options to choose from: a floor or table lamp.

Ideally, the lamp can be moved to direct the halo of light to the place that is most comfortable for you. It is much better if the lamp is above your head, to promote the dispersion of the light and that it does not bother your eyes.

Decorating style

We already have all the basic elements for our reading corner. You really don’t need much more to be able to spend hours and hours enjoying your book, but if you want to close this space and make it your own, don’t be shy and add some extra decorative touch.

Interior designers encourage us to place a rug under our feet, to achieve a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere, cushions to match your armchair, and a personal touch such as a small plant that will look great next to the window.

Avoid too bright colors that can cause distraction while reading, and nothing will disturb you in those moments when you immerse yourself in the pages of the book.

If you dare too, you can change the style of your reading corner following the trends of each season. Just by adding a new cushion or an extra decorative detail, the space will look totally different, and you will never get bored of it.

And you, how would you decorate your reading corner at home? Do you dare to take the step?

What types of lamps to choose according to the room?

Each room in our home has very different functions, and therefore, it is very important to choose the most appropriate lighting to achieve full functionality.

There are many types of lamps on the market that can be adapted to different rooms in your home. Because the lighting we need in the kitchen is not the same as the dim light that is more comfortable for us in the bedroom before going to bed.

Blue world city islamabad gives us the keys to choose the most appropriate type of lighting according to the room in your home.

Analyzing the latest trends in decoration, you only have to choose between the types of lamps which is the one that best suits the needs of your home, to enjoy brighter or more relaxed environments.

Lamps for your living room

We begin with one of the busiest rooms in any home, the living room, in which we recommend using two types of lighting depending on the time of day and the use that you are going to give this room.

On the one hand, good lighting is necessary with a ceiling lamp that dominates the center of the room. For meetings with friends and family, it is always more pleasant if the room is brighter.

On the other hand, when we are looking for a moment of relaxation, it is also convenient to have softer lighting, which we can achieve with extra lamps located at strategic points. A floor or table lamp to reduce the power of the light will be more than enough for your reading corner or to watch a movie in dim light.

And in the dining room?

If you have a dining room at home, it is very important that you choose the perfect types of lamps. Our experts recommend placing a pendant lamp right on the dining room table, centering it and that it is at least 75 cm high above it.

This type of lamp will allow you to enjoy meals and dinners with correct lighting, which should not be very powerful but not too dull.

Kitchen lighting

In the kitchen it is always more advisable to have natural light. But when night falls, it is necessary to have good lighting to be able to cook without damaging our eyesight.

Choose a large ceiling lamp with enough power to illuminate your kitchen well. The ceiling lamp should be in the center of the kitchen so that it illuminates the entire space without problem, being able to help you with other small spotlights located in specific places where the lighting is less, such as the countertop.

Lamps for the bedroom

When we move to the bedroom, the lighting follows a similar pattern to that of the living room. It is necessary to have a luminous lamp in the center of the room, especially in the dressing room area, but also other types of dimmer lamps to create a pleasant atmosphere just before sleeping.

The bedroom should never be without a lamp for the bedside table, which allows us to have a moment of reading or even attend to an urgent matter at night without having to illuminate the entire room.

Other types of very useful lamps in the dressing room area are wall lamps, which add an extra point of light in rooms that are darker due to the lack of natural light.

Children’s lamps

Children’s lamps must be adapted to their needs, and also to the safety of the little ones. Choose lamps that are practical but do not pose a danger to children when handling.

And don’t forget a good spotlight for your study area. The hoses and dirigibles lamps are always a good idea for the kid’s room.

In the bathroom, our Reforms and Interior Design team recommends that we not skimp on light. It is usually a room much darker than the rest of the house, and this is where we must add lamps with a higher color rendering to be able to capture all the details.

In small bathrooms we will be able to create a feeling of greater spaciousness by choosing ceiling lamps, always accompanied by good lighting projected directly onto the mirror.

And you, what types of lamps do you have at home? Do you need to make a change to achieve greater luminosity in different environments?


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