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The way a property is advertised is a determining factor in order to position it and sell it in the shortest possible time and at the best price. To fulfill this mission, the ad must effectively reach the largest group of potential buyers.

Ad writing and promotion is an art, but there are specific guidelines that can be followed to ensure that your property advertising reaches your target audience and increases buyer traffic.

These factors will increase the chances of selling your apartment or house more efficiently and quickly.

From Sky Marketing we tell you what are the strategic guidelines on how to advertise a house for sale to achieve optimal visibility.

Where do home buyers look for the real estate offer?

Almost all home searches are done online. And today there are numerous pages that offer the possibility of advertising your home, or looking for one of them to acquire it.

Through these portals, you can create online advertisements instantly, for free. Ads generated on these websites will also be served by dozens of other high-frequency sites.

It is easy to foresee that from the same advantage of quickly and easily managing a real estate advertisement, there arises a disadvantage. As there is a veritable ocean of advertisements, many of them can and do go unnoticed. To capture the interest of potential buyers, it is imperative to work carefully on the images and ad copy.

The undeniable power of images

The analysis of the preferences of users of real estate platforms reveals that the beauty and quality of the images of the advertisements is the second decisive factor when it comes to arranging a visit, only surpassed by the price range. In this sense, to understand how to advertise a house for sale, images are a key element. Given this reality, it cannot be considered frivolous to order professional photographs of your property, but a basic necessity.
At Deplace , we specialize in positioning your property in the first places of the most popular real estate advertising portals, which ensures high visibility. We send an expert to your home who will collect all the information we need and prepare professional photos that will make your property look cozy and attractive. The audiovisual material can include plans and a virtual tour, in order to create a professional advertisement that will attract the maximum number of visits. We work as a team and publish your ad on more than 50 real estate portals, so that more people can find it. In addition to this, we take care of handling and managing all calls from potential clients, to save you time and complications.

How can you search for potential buyers?

Other ways to expand your search for potential buyers include strategies such as

Direct mail

You can purchase specific mailing lists by identifying the characteristics of your prospective home buyer and ordering lists that incorporate those particular characteristics. Direct mailing lists can be found on the Internet. Subscriber companies that offer direct mail services are also good sources for this information.

For example, a buyer for your property could be someone of a certain income level, age group, or marital status. If you are selling a cabin in the woods, you may want to appeal to nature enthusiasts or hunters by purchasing a mailing list of those who buy hunting or hiking books, or shop at outdoor camping stores.

Internet publicity

Another popular element is digital ads that identify online home buying behavior and then follow those prospects from one website to another thanks to cookies.

All for their networks

Post the details of the sale of your house on different social networks. You can also pay for Facebook ads. Upload photos to Instagram. Tweet about open houses. Ask your realtor to blog about your home.

How to advertise a house for sale: words also sell houses

Effective sales ad writing has the potential to attract another segment of buyers. Therefore, you have to take into account:

1) Accentuate the positive.

2) Try to avoid statements that could later turn against you . Unless you have calculated the square meters – for example – do not put numbers. Instead, use general terms that deliver the same message like: large or spacious.

3) Use descriptive adjectives that convey emotions and evoke images. Describe distinctive qualities such as architectural design, entertainment options, nearby stores, restaurants, attractions, etc.

4) Remember to include the sale price and your contact information.

5) Choose an eye-catching headline. Discover the most important and attractive aspect of your home and use those words.

At Deplace we know how to advertise a house for sale, we do a photographic report, a video, and we manage the advertising. The visibility of your ad will be assured. Contact us and you will sell faster and at the best price.


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