Real Estate Recruitment: 6 ways to get potential clients in your agency

From time to time, we survey clients to find out what they would most like to solve in their company.

Some ask us for new features for our real estate crm, others complain that they do not have time to attend to all the tasks of the day. But by far, the most common response is usually to get customers more easily.

And it is that clients are the source of life of any company, not just real estate. Without them, there is no business.

What is real estate acquisition?

A realtor always has to do two main things: look for properties to sell and look for new potential clients to sell their portfolio of properties.

Securing new properties for sale is relatively simple – in many cases it is enough to contact individuals who want to sell their home and assist them through the process. It is a task of going out and searching on the Internet, on your own.

But getting potential clients to sell houses to them is more difficult.

First you have to know who your ideal client is, since the profile of your real estate is unique. Then you have to go out and look for them wherever they are. And you have to find a buyer as fast as you can to sell the house.

Days until sale

The longer a property is in your portfolio of flats, the more it will cost you to maintain it . A house that is not for sale takes up valuable space that could be used for another property.

Besides that, promoting it also costs money. A good real estate photography session , or hiring a virtual tour is worth money. Not to mention that the visits you offer to potential buyers are a very valuable investment of time.

In general, the sooner you can sell a home, the more profitable it will be for you.

To automate the sales process itself, we have real estate software tools like Vendomia , which help you match your properties with each client that comes to your system.

So how can I easily capture leads?

How to attract clients for your real estate

In real estate there are many ways to reach a potential buyer. Especially now that the Internet has made things easier than ever.

Based on our experience, we have narrowed down all possible ways to get clients to just a few. Let’s take a look at each marketing strategy, and analyze its advantages and disadvantages:

1. Through the real estate website

The website of your real estate is a key piece of your business. It is vital if you want to build a brand that helps you generate business, but even more important: it is the only place where you have total control.

If you look at the rest of digital channels (social networks, portals, adwords …), you will realize that none of them is considered as their own medium:

This is the main reason why you should create a well-crafted real estate website. It is a place where you command, and therefore you can make the changes you need to get as many clients as you can.

Other strategies come into play here, such as conversion optimization on your website. But in short, the website is an important recruitment channel.

2. Through real estate portals

This is probably the most used promotional channel by a real estate agency, by far. The first thing many agencies do when they need to sell a house is publish it on a portal.

And is that portals are an easy way to generate customers … for the right price.

Real estate portals are a form of paid advertising. Each portal has a series of specific products, but generally it all comes down to what you are paying to get leads; They charge you a certain amount per month, and you can receive more or less contacts based on your published ads.

It is a comfortable way of doing business, because in part it ensures a constant entry of leads. If you also combine it with a real estate software that can qualify each lead, it can become a very effective strategy.

The only problem is dependency.

I’ve talked before about how much real estate companies trust portals. The important thing is not to focus your entire business on them and diversify your strategy to attract new customers.

If at some point the portals decide to toughen prices or change the rules of the game, your company could be affected unless you have other marketing channels.

3. Customer acquisition through social networks

Social networks are being used more and more. In recent months, the use of networks such as Facebook or Instagram has continued to grow – more than 20% year after year:

This is an opportunity for all real estate companies, because social networks can provide a lot of visibility and web traffic.

As with portals, you can pay Facebook to highlight your posts, although simply sharing content helps. The difference is that here the method is not so straightforward. Instead of trying to sell them directly, social networks serve more to enhance your brand; that is, to play long-term.

Not everyone who is on social media will want to buy a property, but unlike portals you can reach many more people for the same money. With Facebook Ads you can make a well-organized content strategy, and achieve many things with your visitors:

  • Make your brand sound and be recognized (mindshare)
  • That they share your publications to achieve virality
  • That they subscribe to your blog (and do email marketing)
  • That they show interest in your properties

What you get with all this is to become a benchmark in the sector. For example, it is something that park view city Islamabad has done from the beginning, and with it it has become a household name for everyone. Just look at the advertising campaigns it does:

The result? People think of ‘Idealistic’ when they think of buying a home.

4. Doing email marketing

Email marketing is one of those strategies that are highly undervalued by realtors. And yet it is one of the most profitable and flexible ways to advertise.

The great advantage of email is that we all have an email account. Plus, it’s scalable – you can reach thousands of people with the same effort as just one.

This can be done through email automation, which in a few words means automating a sequence of emails and messages when a new user registers.

The best thing about email marketing is that it is configured only once, and it keeps working forever. For example, you can send this sequence when a new lead arrives through your website:

  • Day 0 – Welcome
  • Day 1 – What is your ideal home?
  • Day 4 – Apartments that might interest you.
  • Day 9 – What you should know about buying a house.
  • N-Day – Reasons to buy instead of rent.

The key is to provide content that your customers want to read. That is, content that is extremely relevant to your interests.

Without going any further, in this blog we use email marketing to learn more about our own clients.

Our sequence of emails begins by asking you about your main obstacles as a realtor , and over several days it offers you very useful resources to help you sell more. There is no forced sale, because it is about capturing the customer’s interest little by little.

5. With paid advertising

Paid advertising is similar to investing in real estate portals – you can pay Google to get qualified leads and try to convert them into customers.

The difference is that here you will receive them directly on your site, and you can also have control of the kind of contacts you receive. You can use your Google Adwords budget to appear first in very, very specific searches.

The question is: does paying Google to get customers really work?

In general, the answer is yes. In fact, we can take a look at the top home searches on Google and see that everything is full of paid ads. And most of the ads belong to real estate portals such as Tajarat properties.

How to attract customers with Google Adwords

If you decide to use Google Adwords, the basic strategy to follow is simple. You have to make use of your website and create a real estate landing page – that is, a page specially dedicated to selling a part of your property portfolio.

This selection of houses depends on the keyword for which you want to appear in Google (for example ‘Chalets with a pool in Madrid’), and the aim is to make them very relevant .

When you pay for that specific search, the visitors who land on your page will be highly qualified . That means that they will be very interested in your type of houses for sale, and you will be able to capture their data more easily.

Less junk contacts, more potential customer.

6. Traditional real estate advertising

Nor should we rule out traditional advertising. As much as online marketing is in vogue, billboards continue to perform well, as do advertisements, radio, and mailings.

In the case of your real estate, you can use areas that are very busy to put an ad in view of everyone, and that will help you to be in people’s minds when they decide they want to move.

I have to say that I don’t like billboards. As a form of promotion, they have the great disadvantage that it is difficult to measure their effectiveness. Whereas with the Internet you can know how many times your ad has been seen, and how many contacts have clicked, traditional advertising is based on scale.

But still, it is a good way to build a brand at the same time that you advertise your property portfolio. Of course, you have to know who you want to deliver your message to; something generic does not attract anyone or generate sales.

Start attracting customers now.

As you can see, there are many different ways to attract clients to your real estate

Finding what works for you is a matter of testing each strategy, and making adjustments to your real estate marketing plan. But above all, avoid depending on a single source of leads, as this will ensure that your company remains profitable for a long time.

What sales channels do you use in your real estate? Which ones have worked best for you?


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