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As the effects of the global recession slowly fade, we are seeing the emergence of a “sharing economy.” Startups like Airbnb, Uber, and bike-sharing companies have become alternatives to traditional lodging and transportation deals. This entrepreneurial emergence is due to the change in consumer preferences for goods and services, impacting the current economic landscape while challenging the viability of some of their more traditional counterparts.

The real estate sector does not escape from this reality and accepts the challenge of new competitors and changing demand and, to understand this process, it is interesting to see what a real estate agent is and how the industry has changed in the context of an increasingly world globalized and technological.

An example of change in the sector is the rise of shared office spaces. “Virtual” offices offering office services (receptionists, mailboxes, short-term desk space) for small businesses. While these types of solutions – undoubtedly – have a place in the current market, the challenge of the real estate sector is to adapt and take advantages, personalizing their services. The answer to the question of what is a real estate agent is a central point in the evolution that the industry is undergoing.

The new consumer is more and more informed and demands faster, more transparent and cheaper services. At the same time, the concept of the functions of the real estate consultant is no longer the same as a few years ago.

What is a real estate agent?

A real estate advisor no longer only focuses on marketing homes, he also accompanies the entire buying and selling process with the aim of providing the greatest security and satisfaction to each client. The real estate agent provides mediation, advisory and management services. Contributing his expert knowledge to solve particular situations that arise in the process of renting, selling, exchanging or assigning properties.

While traditionally the client made an exclusive commitment to the real estate agency, it is increasingly common for the agent to make an exclusive commitment to the client, acting as their representative in the negotiation process.

What knowledge should a good real estate agent have?

The knowledge of the real estate agent encompasses many aspects, including constant updating in legal aspects, appraisal techniques, architecture, decoration, urban planning, real estate market trends, commercial management, financing portfolio, real estate administration. You must also have the skills to deal with your clients and understand their concerns, needs, and wants.

In a hyper-connected world, the network constitutes our first and best letter of introduction and, therefore, the real estate agent must have skill in managing online platforms of real estate services and in social networks.

What does a good real estate agent contribute?

First of all, your advice can be decisive when it comes to properly presenting the property for sale, this counts for both photographs and visits. It is well known that potential buyers make their decision based on their first impression. In this sense, the ” staging ” of your apartment for sale is crucial to attract a potential buyer.

The expert advice of real estate agents is key when it comes to getting the price of the property right. Assigning the most adjusted price to the market is a determining factor when it comes to getting a property sold quickly. A very high price will only help your competition to sell faster, a very low price will arouse suspicion among potential buyers.

Having the representation of a real estate agent can be very advantageous when closing the deal. And the fact is that the real estate agent being aware of the information will help you negotiate the best price. In this aspect, the performance of the real estate agent has evolved; Whereas before in its participation as an intermediary it was frequent for it to work and charge both parties involved in the sale (without representing either), now it is common to see that it works and charges only one of the parties acting as a representation of the client before third parties.

Finally, the participation of real estate agents constitutes a defense that helps prevent real estate fraud. These professionals know by heart the laws surrounding real estate law. For this reason, having the support and advice of a real estate professional constitutes a first filter to avoid real estate fraud.

Now that you know what a real estate agent is, you will realize that having their services saves you time, money and headaches. At Sky Marketing we have the most experienced and best-trained team of agents in the real estate market, who will help you get the best benefit from your decision to rent, buy or sell your property


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